Gallery one: features individual and group portrait photography.

They are taken from a whole range of private commissions. The portrait photographs below celebrates a series of special occasions.This can be a wedding, a favourite pet, a celebration of friendship and as a gift for a cherished individual. Whatever the occasion, location, or celebration they are all intended to record that special event, person or situation in life.

Gallery two: individual commissions from business & media individuals

These portraits are either for specific commercial or promotional projects. Also personal promotion, as in the case of models, musicians and media individuals that require up-to-date portraits for press releases, websites, model cards or general media and editorial publishing where the editors request recent portraits.

Gallery three: media portrait gallery

A showcase of Christina's promotional work for agencies. Here we have the world's greatest boxer: Muhammad Ali (also featured as a new exhibition see: ali at 70, menu above) Also featured: Zandra Rhodes, fashion designer. Chris Gollon: artist. Gray Joliffe: cartoonist of the infamous cartoon strip Wicked Willie. commissioned by the AFAEP for their Camera and Canvas exhibition. The jewellery designer Paul Mark Hatton (exhibiting at the Lamont fine art gallery). Additionally: musician John Altman (taken at the Dover street wine bar in London).

Recent updates include: Joan Bakewell, Jon Snow and Brian Cox.